14 Fun Easter Activities For Kids With Egg Allergy

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Dyeing Easter eggs, having an egg hunt, or baking festive cookies all sound like fun ways to celebrate Easter. But if your child has an egg allergy, it can sound like an allergy attack waiting to happen. If you’re looking for fun, allergy-friendly activities, then you’ve come to the right spot!

Easter art supplies for kids over a white surface.

Easter is such a fun Spring holiday to celebrate. Kids are off school, family is being seen, and festive activities are happening all around. Unfortunately, a lot of Easter activities center around eggs, and, if your child has an egg allergy, it may seem like they’ll have to miss out in order to prevent a reaction.

As a mom to a child with severe egg allergies, I understand how difficult it can be. You don’t want your child to miss out on anything in life, but in order to protect them, they might have to. 

It’s not a fun position to be in, but that’s why I’m sharing this post. 

Here you’ll find my Top 14 Fun Easter Activities For Kids With Egg Allergy! From dyeing plastic eggs to hunting for Easter eggs, you’ll find all kinds of fun projects you can do with your kids. They’ll have a blast while still staying safe, and you’ll feel like a Super Parent for initiating all the fun!

Dye Plastic Eggs

Even though your child has an egg allergy, that doesn’t mean they should have to miss out on the classic Easter tradition of dyeing eggs! Target sells these amazing plastic eggs that are still able to be dyed.

They’re less expensive than a dozen eggs from the store, plus you don’t have to worry about your child having an allergy attack! It’s definitely a win-win.

Paint Wooden Eggs

If you don’t want to deal with the mess of cleaning up egg dye (and as a mom of 3, I totally understand), maybe you should look into painting wooden eggs! 

These wooden eggs are durable, great for crafts, and egg allergy safe. Plus, my favorite part is that they last for a long time. You can save them for a few years, pull them out each Easter and reminisce about the fun times you had with your kids!

Make Your Own Egg-Shaped Crayons

This is a super fun activity, I guarantee your kids will love to do it whether they have allergies or not! You can save old, broken crayons and turn them into DIY Easter egg crayons.

All you need are broken crayons and an Easter egg silicone mold. Just peel the wrappers off of the crayons, break them into small pieces, and fill your mold ¾ of the way full. Bake at 200°F for 7-10 minutes, and allow a few hours for the crayons to harden back up.

eggless turtle cake

Baking with food allergies does not need to be frustrating! Even if you can’t use certain ingredients, you can produce amazing desserts that the whole family will love.

That’s it! It’s a super simple activity I’m sure any kid will love to do. You can also print out some Easter coloring pages so they can use their new, fancy crayons.

Decorate Easter Foam Stickers 

Unleash your little artis creativity and imagination! These Easter foam stickers are perfect to decorate rooms, gift boxes and make greeting cards.

Draw With Chalk Eggs

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine with some fun Easter egg shaped chalk! You can play pictionary, hopscotch, or just have fun drawing pictures outside.

If it’s rainy outside, consider playing indoors on personal-sized chalkboards. I’m sure there are some writing games you could play that would encourage learning, but in a fun way that doesn’t feel like you’re teaching.

Create-Your-Own Paper Mache Easter Egg

Spend quality time with your little ones and create fun masterpieces for spring festivities with this Create-Your-Own Paper Mache Easter Eggs Kit.

Make Easter Eggs Bunny Necklaces 

These cute Easter necklaces are perfect for Easter arts and crafts classes, classroom Easter crafts activities or Easter family parties. I love that they’re easy to assemble and fun.  

Decorate Egg Shaped Cookies

Looking to get into the kitchen? Try decorating some egg-shaped sugar cookies!

This is the recipe I like to use because they’re completely eggless and safe for those with an egg allergy. These cookies also hold their shape well and can be used with any of your favorite Easter shaped cookie cutters.

You can just decorate with sprinkles, buttercream, or my favorite eggless royal icing!

Prepare Some Easter Egg Rice Krispie Treats

If you want to make something sweet, but a little easier than decorated cookies, try making these vegan Rice Krispie Treats. You can dye them with food coloring and use an egg shaped cookie cutter to make them fun and “Springy!”

If you want, you can also fold some Easter sprinkles into the cereal treats to make them extra festive!

Make Salt Dough Easter Eggs

Another activity in the kitchen, you could try is making Easter salt dough ornaments!

This easy recipe only needs 3 ingredients, and you can sculpt the dough into any shape you desire. You can even press your child’s handprint into the dough, so you’ll always remember how little they were!

If you’re looking for ways to decorate the ornaments, there are quite a few cute Easter handprint paintings that can be found on Pinterest.

Play With Easter Play-Doh

If your child likes sculpting, building, or just playing with Play-Doh in general, maybe consider purchasing this fun Spring themed doh

The pastel colors really bring the Easter theme, and it’s completely safe for kids with egg allergies to play with. The only thing I want to caution you on is that Play-Doh is NOT gluten-free and should be avoided by those with a wheat allergy.

Make Easter wreaths

Celebrate Easter with a lovely handmade wreath that will transform your home decoration! This Eater Wreath kit include all the materials you need and requires no extra glue or scissors. Your kids will love to assemble and decorate theor own easter wreaths.

Have An Easter Egg Hunt

Just because someone in your family may be suffering from an egg allergy, that doesn’t mean they have to miss out on enjoying a traditional Easter egg hunt! 

You can fill plastic eggs with allergy-safe candy, coins, or even small toys like mini cars or little squishy toys. Invite some friends and family over, scatter the eggs in your yard, and let everyone have fun hunting!

Fill An Easter Basket For Those In Need

Lastly, there’s nothing better than being able to teach your child(ren) the gift of giving rather than receiving. Take this holiday and have your kid(s) build an Easter basket for a child who is in need. 

They can fill it with essential clothing items, hygiene necessities, and a few fun things like candies or small toys. If you have someone in mind, have your child drop the basket off at their house; otherwise, you can always donate the basket to a nearby shelter.

I hope this post gave you some fun ideas for Easter activities that kids with egg allergies can do! All of these activities are fun, and engaging, and won’t break the bank. If you do any of them or have other ideas, I’d love to hear them! Feel free to reach out via Instagram or Facebook.

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